Hello. Some of you might have met us. Some of you might not. We're two guys with simple needs with a keen passion for perfume. Yes, I said it... we're guys! 

When we 1st started this venture we had no expectations to change the world. And to be honest we don't think we can. All we wanted to do was to make the world smell awesome, one person at a time, with quality perfumes at a decent price.As we began our journey into the world of perfume, blending our scents by hand and by  nose, we began to be reminded of how perfumes is able to conjure fragments of distant memories and half remembeed myths. How it evokes those childhood emotions nestled deep within our inner thoughts. And so we began bravely on this new adventure. Uncovering mysteries, surprises and the new. We learn to smell the complexities and the simplicities of a smell.

And we became self taught perfurmers... 



The brains behid the commercial aspect of BOUTEILLE. Director of operation and sales. Loves diving and and Co-founder of Two Fin Diving academy. In his spare time he find his inspiration in perfume from being in nature between palm oils or plunging into the deep sea. At times he's busy fighting bad guys in his daughter's dream.                                                                            


The brains behind the technical aspect of BOUTEILLE. Director of product development and marketing. An ex-expat in the oil and gas industry. Finding it difficult to rid old habits, he now harness his engineering powers into finding the ultimate perfume juice. He find his inspiration in perfume from the football pitch where he bring his boy to train, cardboards and mosquito coils (yes.. he is weird)